Leisure Activities in Wintrich

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Wintrich offers visitors fantastic natural beauty and a complete synthesis of vineyards, woodlands and the shimmering green Moselle where many leisure interesting and exciting activities take place. Anglers and water sports enthusiasts can indulge in their pastimes with passion on this lovely river.


wandernHikers and nature lovers come to enjoy the healthy, invigorating air and walkers and anyone seeking relaxation will love this area.

Your children should be the centre of attention. On such playgrounds as you find here your little ones can run around to their heart’s delight. The indoor and outdoor swimming pools and the sports facilities and tennis courts complement the range of leisure activities to be found for both young and old.

In the woodlands around Wintrich including the largest chestnut tree wood in the Rhineland-Palatinate and in the vineyards there is so much to discover; and in autumn if you are lucky you may even hear the sound of a stag bellowing.

Do not forget to wander along the wine experience trail.  This trail is a state-of-the-art living museum accompanied by all winds and weathers and explains all aspects of viticulture and wine-growing. You can experience the different grape varieties and the work of the wine-grower at close look. Whoever chooses to walk along the wine experience will encounter the symbol of our wines on the “Wintrich Großer Herrgott”, a 9-metre high stone crucifix overlooking the panorama of the Moselle valley.

There are many opportunities to celebrate – at wine or vintner festivals – at local festivals or fairs or on the day of open cellars - and many visitors from near and far come to enjoy and be merry. You are cordially invited to join us.



rastHere are some ideas for your leisure activities:
• Covered wagon trip through the vineyards of Wintrich
• Visit a distillery for local spirits with tasting
• Wine tasting in a traditional vaulted cellar
• Walk to the largest chestnut wood in Rhineland-Palatinate
• Cycle tours along the Moselle (bicycle hire available in town)
• Visit to a sparkling wine producer with wine tasting and snacks
• Walk along the wine experience trail to the viewing point “Wintrich Großer Herrrgott”
• Visit to the open-air local history museum showing traditional winegrowing methods and tools used in the vineyards and in  cellars