Welcome to Wintrich

Friendly, southern and sun-drenched this Moselle community of Wintrich presents itself to guests and visitors.

The accommodation and the hosts are friendly and the reception at sociable wine festivals and in local wineries offering various estate festivities is cordial.

Feel the Southern flair of the Moselle landscape with its meandering river bends and on the heights at the top of the valley see fertile fields and light-filled deciduous forests where even the Mediterranean chestnut tree thrives.

Sun-drenched vineyards around the town allow wines to ripen delighting connoisseurs for 2,000 years.

Wintrich itself is undisturbed due to the by-pass road and boasts romantic lanes and corners where historical half-timbered houses and traditional wineries nestle.

Every five years the atmosphere of the town changes. A wine village becomes a festival centre where the passion plays attract tens of thousands of visitors. In 2012 this spectacle takes place again.