Welcome to the wine and passion play village of Wintrich!

In the name of our community I, as mayor, would like to welcome you and invite you to visit us both on the internet and personally.

Gather your first impressions of what we have to offer in our wine and passion play resort on the internet and of course both the Moselle landscape and the obligatory "good drop" of wine play a major role.

No matter if you come as a hiker or a cyclist, as a water sports amateur or as a motorist seeking relaxation in Wintrich and the surrounding area, you will find a variety of opportunities.

Not only our tourist office staff but also the friendly hosts and I personally will gladly assist you in your search.

Yours Mayor

Dirk Kessler

PS: My office in the town hall is always open to the public for advice on Wednesdays at 7.30 pm.