School and Kindergarten

Wintrich is a wonderful holiday region for younger guests and for older citizens it has an attractive, family-orientated residential and working atmosphere.

The primary school and the nursery school are also part of this family atmosphere.

Full Care at Primary School in Wintrich

There is a flexible schedule of care in the primary school in Wintrich.

schulfestThe Wintrich primary school will offer individual care until 4 p.m. in the school year 2008/2009. Individual means the care time can be individually planned by the parents. There are many flexible opportunities to find the right choice for your own needs: every day care, or three times a week, either until 1 pm., 2 p.m. or 4 p.m.

The pupils taking part in the care programme receive a hot lunch in the common lunch room and can have homework supervised by qualified staff. There is also an afternoon activities programme. Two qualified teachers share the daily care programme.

1.Parents decide the length of care time – the school can plan flexibly.
2.The afternoon supervision is fulfilled by two teachers who develop a personal relationship with the children. This is important especially for the younger children in Years 1 and 2 as they do not have to cope with changing staff.
3.The children remain in the village.
4.The teachers can develop the children’s ideas and help to implement them.

Day Care Centre St. Stephanus Wintrich

kigaThe day care centre St. Stephanus in Wintrich is run by the Catholic parish council St. Stephanus represented by Pastor Leo Ehses.
Children from the villages of Wintrich and Brauneberg can be cared for.

The day care centre has three groups and offers 35 half-day places and 30 full-day places for children.
Half-day: 07.30 – 12.15 am and 1.30 – 4.30 pm
Full-day: 07.30 am – 4.30 pm

Care can be offered to any children over 2 years until entering primary school. There are limited places for two-year old children (12 places).

We have set clear objectives for our educational work based on the individual needs of the children:
• Development of personality – basis for a positive general development
• Coping with elementary basic needs – children and movement
• Development of social behaviour – essential for life in a community
• Advancement of cognitive development – using all senses
• Holistic education – from the beginning

We place our priority on achieving these objectives while allowing the children to develop and to create a world in which children can experience their living space holistically.


"Life" in our day care centre

Every child is allocated to a group. The same carer is available to the child in this group and children of the same and other ages are also there. A variety of play areas is offered in each group.

Apart from the group class rooms there is a sports hall, an intensive sensory room with various fields of sensory experiences, a breakfast room and the outer garden play area giving children the opportunity to fulfil their individual needs and interests.

Project work takes place cross-group and allows a wide selection of different activities to be developed. Our goal is to accompany the children on their educational development path. Observation of the child’s individual development and regular documentation is general practice.