Wine and Sparkling Wine

Weinkönigin Johanna I. mit Weinprinzessin Celina 2 The typical character of the Wintrich Moselle wines is determined by the climate, soil and grape variety. The queen of vines in the Moselle valley is undoubtedly the Riesling, which is not just praised by journalists. The know-how and expertise of the Moselle vintners brings forth wines which cannot be surpassed in taste and bouquet. Wintrich wines from the individual slopes such as "Geierslay", "Großer Herrgott", "Ohligsberg" and "Stefanslay" can compete with any other international wines.

Our wine queen Johanna I. and her wine princess Celina are the ambassadors for our wines for the vintages 2018/2019 and welcome you to our village!

moselwein Even today, the statement made by Moselle traveller and antiquarian in the era of romanticism, Christian von Schrammberg, about one of the most famous Wintrich wines is still true:
He wrote about the "Ohligsberg" and said that it is one of the most distinguished wines with all the features of a wine combining ethereal oils. A hymn of praise to which nothing more can be added.

However, the wine from the grape varieties Pinot blanc and Pinot gris, Rivaner and Kerner and the diversity of red wine grapes, pinot noir and Dornfelder are only a few to be mentioned, boasting highest quality and bringing pleasure to our visitors every year.

Be inspired by the magic of the autumn harvest when the colourful vines are bathed in sunlight and sparkle in warm colours and the vines are full of mature, golden grapes.

Many visitors are mesmerised by this spectacle of colour and light which is reflected in the waters of the Moselle; to be followed up with the pleasure of top wines in a cosy winery or vine-clad wine tavern.